Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin picking isn’t exactly something you hear about much in Scotland but randomly something I have always wanted to do. For some, this sounds mad because why not just go to the supermarket and grab one for a pound, which I do every year. But after my recent trip to Arnprior, pumpkin picking is now something I will be doing yearly!


On driving home from university in Stirling last Friday, my sister passed Arnprior Pumpkins on its opening day. Strangely I had been talking about wanting to visit a pumpkin patch just the week before, so right away we knew we had to go.


The patch itself was picture perfect, with hand painted signs guiding us up to the farm. Although clearly well loved by many visitors over the past two days, there were still loads of pumpkins available in many shapes, sizes and colours! (yes there were white pumpkins and I got just a bit over excited). On first entering the patch we were told about all the different activities they had going on including picking your own tatties and turnips, wood carving, facing painting for the little ones, a kale maze(!) as well as a food and hot drinks stand which served fresh soup, coffee and cakes. Adorable. There was no entry fee and you could buy as many beautiful pumpkins as you wished, each priced by size. Obviously buying from the supermarket is much cheaper, however, the whole experience thrown in with the fact it is a small family run business makes you happy to pay that bit extra.







For me, Autumn and Winter are just thee best seasons. Wrapping up in layers of clothing,  walking in the cold air .. add some pumpkins to the mix and you have the perfect Autumn Sunday. Top tip though – WELLIES are a must! Although picture perfect and adorable we do live in Scotland … and that means rain … which in a field means mud!